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Innovation Forum “Mazinnov 2”
Οn November 10th and 11th  takes place the 2nd Innovation Forum “Mazinnov 2” (“Let’s innovate together”) at Technopolis in Athens, under the initiative of the French Embassy in Greece. The forum is a network that since 2016 constitutes the meeting point of cooperation between the French and Greek ecosystems of innovation: ideas, projects and people. 

The Forum “Mazinnov 2” falls within the framework of the historic French-Greek strategic partnership for the future, as said the French Ambassador in Greece, Christophe Chantepy.

In the context of his social partnerships, the ZOLOTAS House of jewelry is happy to announce his partnership with the 2nd Forum of Innovation “Mazinnov2”. In accordance with the House’s historic relations with the two countries and to support the Mazinnov initiative, ZOLOTAS created the trophy “Mazinnov Owl” and offers the 9 trophies to the  most distinguished and innovative companies.