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The ZOLOTAS House presents its new charm collection for 2018

On Tuesday, October 10th, the ZOLOTAS House of Jewelry had the pleasure of welcoming at its flagship store in Athens representatives of the Greek media and the House’s close friends for the presentation of AEOLOS, its new charm collection for 2018.

 Steadily faithful to the Greek cultural tradition, the ZOLOTAS House created once again a unique, precious charm, inspired by Aeolos, designated as the keeper and ruler of the 8 winds by Zeus himself.

At Homer’s Odyssey, Aeolos is the one to help Odysseus by containing all the winds in an ox-hide bag, leaving only Zephyros out to blow favorably to the West, towards Ithaca.  

The ZOLOTAS House’s AEOLOS symbolizes the springing force that will blow favorable winds on the year 2018, and lead each and every one of us safely to our destination! 

Every year this capsule collection is dedicated to the support of a noble cause of a charity organization.  For the year 2018, the House will once again contribute to the praiseworthy cause of ELEPAP and will support the center’s program “Steps Forward” for the children and the adults with disabilities by offering part of its sales to that cause.