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The renowned Greek jewelry House Zolotas opens its new boutique in Paris

Zolotas opens its new Parisian store at 3, Miromesnil Street, corner of Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the 8th arrondissement of the City of Light.

As a member of the Colbert Committee, the House meets this year with the prime French and European companies to share the values of the cultural heritage transmission and contribute to the radiance of the luxury goods industry expertise.

The House preserves its family character and today George Papalexis represents the new generation. Art and Creative Director since 2007, he gives a new stylistic twist to Zolotas jewelry while continuously highlighting the House’s identity and imposing, at the same time, a new look on its creative image. 

Athenian architect Lycurgus Psarreas was assigned the mission of adapting in to the Parisian boutique the atmosphere and architectural codes created in 2007 for the flagship store in Athens. The white marble surrounding the store’s facades recreates the beauty of an ancient temple, while the boutique’s basic colors are formidably balanced: on an almost transparent grey pearly background a touch of deep red is added, which in combination with Greece’s blue and white colors refers to the national symbol of France.

The furniture and the living room’s showcases wear jewelry motifs carved in bronze. The precious wood is covered with gold and leather, and all the carefully chosen materials and forms highlight the creations of the House. The cozy environment and comfortable spaces invite the visitor to enjoy a journey of discovery.

Each room reflects the stylistic identity of a specific collection.

At the reception area, a circular Jewelry Bar hosts permanently the seasonal collections, jewelry and accessories in gold, silver, leather and steel. The collection THETIS was selected for the opening of the store: the charm for the year 2016 in yellow, white or pink gold and silver, plain or dressed in precious stones.

In the center of the store, the round shaped storefront “Choros” carved with bronze, welcomes new creations: rings and necklaces made of agate, lazurite and cornelian, with the form of the Sphinx of Thebes or goddess Athena, both symbols of wisdom, engraved upon them.

The three “Hercules” showcases, based on metal bronze stands, host the emblematic pieces of historical collections and other milestones of the House: SNAKE LACE, BYZANCE, DIAMOND ARIA.

On the first floor and in a similar architectural surrounding, all iconic jewelry and masterpieces of the House since 1950 to nowadays are to be seen on a permanent exhibition.

The Zolotas universe in Paris, as in Greece, is a tireless fascination. 

The brand new Zolotas boutique in Paris at 3, Miromesnil Street, invites you to discover the amazing light of a contemporary Greek legend.