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«SPOLIA:11 Transcripts»

The architect Nora Oka presents the visual work titled Spolia: 11 Transcripts. The term "spolia" refers to the reuse of older construction elements in newer buildings. The exhibition, which will take place between July 22 and August 22 in the building of the Stavrakas residence of the Patmian Culture Company (EMCO), showcases eleven works that highlight a choice between the small cathedrals of Athens, from the early Christian centuries and the Byzantine era, part of an extensive and detailed research since 2014.

These projects promote a new method of reproduction of multiplate paper prints by imprinting various embossed surfaces. This installation is intended to create a special visual experience through lighting, which becomes a central designing aspect in the formation of this visual experimentation.

ZOLOTAS, an eternal supporter of the arts, encourages innovation by supporting young artists and works that highlight the national cultural heritage of Greece.